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Alarm Installation Course

Learn how to install a security alarm

HKC is by far the most popular security alarm system used in Ireland in both residential and commercial settings. In this 28 hour course you will learn everything you need to know to get started installing the HKC range of products.

The basic skills are the same as used in the installation of other brand alarm systems too.

Wired, wireless and hybrid systems included.


Course Details

Learn the key elements of the European Standards for the Installation, Maintenance and Monitoring of Systems.

Learn how to install, program and commission the HKC 10270 hybrid system and the HKC Quantum 70 wireless system.

Learn how to install wired, wireless and point id shock/contact sensors as well as motion sensors and sirens.

Learn how to install the hkc gsm-wifi which links the system to a smartphone app.

Each participant will have their own alarm system to work on.

Course runs over 4 days, 8am -4pm.

Course fee 500 euro payable in advance.

Not sure when the next course can commence due to covid restrictions. Please email me and I will let you know when.

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