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Astec Alarm Replaced


If you can't find anyone willing to repair your Astec alarm then Gard can quote you for a replacement.

The Astec alarm system was discontinued in 2012 and parts are no longer for sale.

Astec components were designed to operate only with the Astec control panel and as such cannot be substituted by other brands which means that if one component fails that the entire system may have to be replaced.

Astec systems were designed to operate on 2 cores of alarm cable while other brands require 4 or 6 cores which might also lead to difficulties if the Astec system is replaced.

Gard can replace Astec systems like for like with the HKC Securewave SW1070 system. This system is a hybrid which means that it can cater to wired or wireless devices. This means that any problems which arise due to Astec's 2 core wiring can be overcome using wireless devices if needs be.

Please Call or email for a quote to have your Astec system replaced. Price depends on the number of windows and doors and types of sensors on them.

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