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Itec Meridian 2 Alarm

The Itec Meridian 2 alarm is rare enough in Ireland as it is a copy of the more common aritech cp32.

Ideally if you could afford it you should upgrade this system but if you have one in your home and the control panel is still in working order and you know the user code it may be possible to keep it up and running for another few years.

If you keep the main control panel then it would be a good idea to have a new external siren installed so it looks like you have a new alarm from the outside.

Common error messages on the display are:

A = problem with panic button

1,2,3 = problem with sensor or cable on zone in question

E = problem with front door sensor

t = tamper somewhere in system

Full home alarm service is €100. We callout and check over the entire system and make sure that everything is working properly. Parts such as sensors and battery are extra and installation of a new external siren starts from 80 euro.


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