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Aritech CP32

The Aritech CP 32 burglar alarm was installed in many homes in Ireland up until the early 90ties but was discontinued when the newer aritech cs 350 took over.

Ideally if you can afford it then you would upgrade this system but if it is still in working order then it may still be good for the purposes of a basic alarm system provided you know the user code.

It would be a good idea to have a new external siren installed so it looks like you have a new alarm from the outside.

We can repair many problems relating to the Aritech cp32 and there are a variety of fault messages which can occur on the display such as:

t = tamper somewhere in system.

E = problem with front door sensor

1, 2, or 3 = problem with sensor on one of these zones.

P = problem with panic button.

At present we are charging 100 euro for a call out and full service which covers all labour in relation to repairs. Parts such as new sensors or battery are extra and replace external siren starts from 80 euro.

aritech cp32

Aritech CP32 control panel