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Home Alarm Monitoring

If you want to be informed when your alarm system is activated then you will need to link to it by phone. This can be done using wifi in your home or the mobile phone networks using a device called a dialler to be fitted to the alarm.

We can install 2 types of dialler on our new alarm systems:

HKC-GSM-Q can send text and voice messages to your phone and can be used to arm/disarm the alarm with text message commands. Price = 170 euro supply and fit.You supply and maintain a sim card for this gsm module.

HKC-GSM-WIFI can send texts, voice messages and push notifications to your phone and can be used to arm/disarm the alarm with text message commands or the smartphone app. Price = 150 euro supply and fit plus 67 euro per annum subscription charge. This gsm-wifi module comes with a sim card and wifi card already installed and all charges related to the sim card are covered by the 67 euro subscription charge.


Monitoring Company
We install any of the above diallers on your alarm system and link it to a central station which will contact the gardai in the event of an activation. If you wish to link to a central station you must pay them a yearly fee. Our monitoring station charges 160 euro including VAT per annum for residential alarms. For this you will have the Gardai come to investigate in the event of an alarm.

Monitoring by gsm dialler.
All forms of monitoring are available over gsm dialler including connection to monitoring stations, voice and text messages. Gsm diallers are easy to install with no wiring and have the advantage of being 2-way diallers which means that you can also send messages to the alarm to arm/disarm the system. There are some drawbacks: Gsm jammer is deployed by burglars blocking signal. Gsm signal is poor or temporarily goes dead in your area. In the case of gsm-q dialler you have to provide a sim card which has to be topped up or it will become inactive.