Alarm Battery Replacement

Alarm Battery Replacement

If your alarm display is reading ‘low battery’, ‘panel battery fault’ or the display is gone dead, then it will need a new alarm battery.  Another sign of a faulty alarm battery is a sudden activation of the system during a power cut with a dead keypad which doesn’t accept the code.

HKC Securewatch alarm battery is in the large cream coloured metal box. (not the keypad)

HKC 1070 Alarm and HKC 10270 alarm battery is in the large white plastic main control panel. (not the keypad)

HKC Quantum 70 battery goes in main panel, screws are under the plastic tabs to the left of the keypad.

Astec alarms have a battery that is difficult to reach as you have to unscrew the front of the large main panel. (not the keypad)

Scopetronic alarm battery is in the large grey/white metal box. (not keypad)

Aritech CS350 alarm battery is in the large grey coloured plastic box, some versions are rectangular and have aritech logo on them and some are square with no logo on them. These panels are located separate from the keypad where you put the code in.

Aritech CS250 alarm battery is in the large white metal box (not keypad)

Changing the battery isn’t that hard and you can buy those in an electrical wholesaler for around 20 euro.

If you prefer Gard to change your battery then fill in the contact form to get a quote letting us know the make and model, whether or not we installed the alarm and where you are located.

New battery in home alarm

Changing battery in HKC panel