Alarm Repairs Dublin

Alarm Repairs

Gard can service, repair and upgrade most wired alarm systems and all hkc wireless systems.

At Gard Alarms Dublin, we aim to provide high quality maintenance and service of your alarm systems. We service, repair and upgrade a wide range of wired alarm systems and have specialist expertise in managing the HKC wireless systems. Some of the alarm systems we repair include Hkc Quantum Wireless, Hkc 1070, Hkc 10270, Aritech CS350, Aritech CS250, Aritech CP33, Aritech CP32, Scoptronic, Astec, HKC Securewatch, Itec Meridian, Aritech CS450, etc.

We offer comprehensive alarm repair services in all of Dublin which include:

Wired Alarm systems:

  • Service – General and routine maintenance of your wired alarm systems to ensure it’s functioning to its full potential.
  • Repair: Any glitches or malfunctions are repaired effectively, professionally and in a timely manner.
  • Upgrade: We ensure your alarm systems are updated with the latest features to enhance security.

KHC Wireless Systems:

  • Service – Up to date maintenance and check-ups to make sure your alarm system is working effectively.
  • Repair: Any issues with your HKC systems will be swiftly addressed and resolved
  • Upgrade: Regular upgrading of your HKC wireless system to stay on top of the security challenges.

If you are located in Dublin and in need of any assistance with wired and wireless alarm systems, we are here to help you with our years of expertise in the field. This is why you should choose us for your alarm system needs.

  • We are specialists in the field with a number of years of experience under our belt. We assess, evaluate and offer solutions for your alarm system needs in a professional and time sensitive manner. 
  • We provide prompt response to your queries and concerns as we prioritize your security needs and the safety of you and your loved ones. We understand the urgent nature of security matters and deliver quick services to repair and maintain your alarm systems and eliminate your security concerns.
  • We only use high-quality products that have received approval under the rigorous European standard EN50131 overseen by the Private Security Authority through its stringent licensing procedure, ensuring the utmost reliability and security.
  • We take into consideration the uniqueness of each alarm system while repairing and maintaining to ensure the longevity of performance of your wired or wireless alarm systems.
  • We ensure your alarm system is upgraded to the latest technology to eliminate security breaches and conflicts.

Whether you need urgent repairs, upgradation or routine maintenance including full home alarm service, low battery issues, alarm code changing, faulty sensors, sirens or false alarms, you don’t need to look any further. Contact us today to know more about our comprehensive services and customized security solutions.

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