Alarm Service and Maintenance

Alarm Service and Maintenance

Gard can service, repair and upgrade most wired alarm systems and all hkc wireless systems.

We can Service and Repair all Hkc alarms

Depending on the issue we can service and repair or upgrade the following wired systems:

Hkc Quantum Wireless

Hkc 1070

Hkc 10270

Aritech CS350

Aritech CS250

Aritech CP33

Aritech CP32



HKC Securewatch

Itec Meridian

Aritech CS450

  • Full home alarm service for only €100.

If it’s a system we installed we callout and check over the entire system and make sure that everything is working properly. We can also usually repair and service modern HKC systems even if we didn’t install them.

If you have an older version of HKC Securewatch, Aritech, Astec or Scopetronic then you may require an upgrade, check here for the price list.

  • Low Battery

In most alarm control panels after 5 or 6  years the typical alarm battery may start to run low and the warning light will activate on the keypad or control panel. If a new battery is required we will provide this for €15.

If it’s the HKC Quantum wireless system then the battery in the main panel costs €30 and the batteries in wireless devices are €5 each.

Prices for batteries include vat and are in addition to the charge for callout and service €100

More info see here : Home Alarm low battery

  • Change alarm code

If a change of your alarm code is needed we can reprogram this for you.

If you have a sensor or zone that causes false alarms then we will replace these, prices for new components are as follows:

New Hkc Sabb external siren €100

Shock sensor and contact are €30 each.

Shock sensor only are €25 each

Magnetic contacts on windows and doors are €15 each.

Motion detector is €25

All prices include vat and are addition to the cost of callout and service €100

To see a video explaining the various sensors and what they do click on this page: Alarm system demonstration

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