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home security burglar alarms dublin from 400 euroPrewired Prices
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home security burglar alarms dublin from 400 euroWirefree Gallery 

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Apartment Alarms

If  you are looking for a home security system for a new apartment then your search is over. Gard has installed more alarms in new apartment developments in Ireland than any other company. We are offering the best system availabe for the lowest price.

What floor are you on?
If your apartment is located high up in a building then the windows may not be reachable for burglars. If this is the case you can save money by only alarming accesible windows.

Apartment alarm Offer
We are currently doing these systems for 500 euro for the standard apartment up to 6 windows and doors. Price includes supply and fit hkc 1070 control panel and keypad, external siren, internal siren, 1 motion sensor and 6 openings alarmed with magnetic contacts.

If you are on the ground floor you may require shock sensors on windows and doors also and if that is the case add 20 euro per shock sensor.

For more info see here: Shock sensors and magnetic contacts

Is your apartment wired for an external bell?
Some management companies do not allow alarm bells on the outside of the building for aesthetic reasons. Check on the other apartments in your block and you will see whether they have an alarm bell box on the outside wall, it is usually situated on the balcony, or phone your management company.  If no external bells are allowed then you will only be wired for an internal bell inside the apartment. Also in some cases the builders will have wired the place for an internal bell outside the front door in the hallway of the apartment block.