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Home Alarm Upgrade

New control panel and keypad.

If you have an existing wired alarm system that isn't working anymore and is now obsolete due to age you can upgrade the components while using the existing wires.

We will remove the old alarm control panel and keypad and replace it with a HKC Securewave panel with talking keypad. It may be ok to connect back in all the old shock sensors, motion detectors and alarm sirens/bells if they are modern and in good working order. 

If existing sensors are very old or are already giving trouble then they should be replaced too.

If existing siren is old then that should be upgraded so it looks like you have a new alarm system from outside the house.

Upgrade Price List-Supply and -Fit


Hkc 10270 control panel/keypad with back up battery 450
Hkc Echo Internal Siren 20
New external siren (Hkc Sabb) 100
Shock sensor with magnetic contact 30

Shock sensor only 

Magnetic contact only 15
proximity tag 7.50
Hkc gsm-wifi for texts and app (requires HKc 10270 upgrade) 170
Motion sensor (wired) 25
Wireless sensors (see this price list for details) 75