Burglar Alarm Standards in Ireland

Burglar Alarm Standards in Ireland

What is the law?

The latest situation since 2006 is that the government have set up a body called the Private Security Authority, (PSA), to oversee the industry. Nobody can legally hire a burglar alarm installer who doesn’t have a license issued by them. In order to get a license the alarm installer must have their work certified by one of the 5 certification bodies. They are:

EQA ireland ltd., NSAI, SSAIB, Management Systems Certification ltd., Insight Certification ltd..

Other licensing requirements include Garda Vetting and a Tax Clearance Certificate.

What are the burglar alarm standards?

All burglar alarms are supposed to be installed to the new European standard EN50131. This has taken over from the old IS199 standard.

What is the story with burglar alarms and insurance?

Insurance companies will give a discount on home insurance on new burglar alarms installed by companies licensed by the PSA. Before the PSA was set up the discount used to be for alarms certified by the NSAI, but now there are 5 certification bodies as listed above.

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