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Home Alarm Wired

The following is a description of our standard alarm system. For more detailed info and pictures of the following items click our House Alarm Products. Check if your home is prewired properly here. If your home isn’t wired then you may need to have a wirefree system installed.

Control Panel HKC Securewave control panel, The SW 10-70  panel by the makers of the most popular alarm control panels in Ireland, includes recharging backup battery. This control panel is fully compatible with all monitoring stations if you require alarm monitoring, and conforms to all european standards. Divides house into 10 wired zone areas eg. front door, front window etc. and also can take up to 70 wireless devices if you are missing some wires on windows.
Keypad Talking keypad with extensive voice library usually located at front door. This is where you enter your user code to set the alarm.
Shock Sensors and Magnetic Contacts On all windows and doors to detect intruders. Available in brown or white.
Motion Detector In hallway. Also known as a passive infrared detector. This device detects body heat and acts as a backup to perimeter protection. Can be deactivated when you are at home.
Internal Bell Rings inside the house when the security system is activated by an intruder.
External Bell with Strobe Light Rings outside the house and flashes when the system is activated by an intruder. Normally rings for 15 minutes, then resets itself.
Text and Voice Dialer, Hkc App, 24 Hour Monitoring These options can call or text your phone directly in the event of the system being activated by an intruder. The option to connect these devices to our NSAI approved monitoring station is also available for 150 euro per annum including VAT.
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