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Hkc 10270 security system for a home wired for alarm.

The Hkc Securewave 10270 home alarm is Ireland’s most popular.

This control panel is made by an Irish company based in Ballymount, Dublin and is used by the majority of installers in Ireland.

It can be set up to meet every requirement for the average home. The system can be divided into 10 wired zones, It also can cater to up to 70 wireless devices so it can deal with hybrid situations when part of the home is wired and part is not.

When an alarm occurs the system can inform the user when and on which zone it happened at the keypad or though the hkc securecomm app.

The remote keypad comes with a tag reader so you can arm/disarm system by holding a small tag up the the keypad.

To alarm the windows and doors of your home we install shock sensors and magnetic contacts. Magnetic contacts inform the user at the keypad when a window or door is open. Shock sensors trigger the alarm when vibration is applied by an intruder to a window or door where they are situated. Shocks and contacts available in brown or white.

HKC Alarm Keypad
HKC Alarm External Siren

We also install passive infra-red detectors (motion sensors). This device picks up body heat and is usually situated in the hallway of your home as a back up to the perimeter protection.

We install the HKC SABB external siren which has a white led light which flickers back and forth.

We also fit the hkc gsm-wifi. This connects to your house wifi and also has a back up sim card. It can be programmed to send text messages or push notifications to your mobile phones when the alarm goes off as well as signals to the monitoring company for Garda response if required.

We may also install a panic button in your hall or master bedroom. Or you can have wireless keyfob/panic button which can also be used to arm/disarm system from anywhere in the house.

HKC Alarm