Pre Wired

Check list for properly wired home

The following check list will tell you if your home has been properly wired for a burglar alarm by your builder. If there are wires missing or left in the attic which cause us additional work to rectify we may charge extra.

  • Cables hanging on windows and doors in brown or white. If a window has more than 1 opening then a wire should go to each opening. The wire should be at the place where the window opens.
  • In the case of windows which open from the bottom then the wire should be at the bottom.
  • In the case of velux the cable should be on the lowest part of the window not the top!.
  • Cable situated in entrance hall for keypad.
  • Cable hanging out, up high at front or side  of house for alarm bell/siren within reach of standard ladder.
  • If you require a motion detector in a room, then there should be a cable installed by builder near ceiling in that room. You should have 1 motion detector in the hallway.
  • All of of the above cables returning to a central point usually beside the electrical fuse board. Builder should have also wired in power supply for alarm.

See the full Price list for pre-wired new homes here

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