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Quantum Wireless Alarm

Wireless Burglar Alarm System starts from €470.

Start price includes latest Hkc Quantum control panel/keypad with build in wifi.
External alarm siren with flashing led light.
Integrated Internal alarm bell.

Interior of home alarmed with wireless Motion detectors (PIR) add €70euro each

Windows and doors alarmed with wireless shock sensor with magnetic contact,add €70 each.

Windows or doors alarmed with wireless magnetic contact only add €55 each.

Price includes VAT.


 Hkc Quantum Control Panel

                 Hkc Quantum system

What does wireless mean?

This means that the main control panel/keypad requires wiring into a power source but apart from that all other devices can be wireless. A power source could be the electrical fuse board in your hall way or a plug socket.  All sensors on windows and doors can be wireless. That means that they will operate by battery and send radio signals back to the main control panel. For example if a burglar bangs on the patio door then the wireless shock sensor there will send a signal back to activate the alarm. The control panel will then send a signal to the siren outside your house which will start to ring and flash. The wirefree sensors will last for several years without battery changes. When the time comes to change a battery a message will appear on the main control panel and you can either do it yourself or phone us to arrange a callout and full service.

Why Hkc Quantum Wirefree?

The HKC Quantum control panel and keypad is made by Irelands biggest manufacturer of alarm systems based in Ballymount in Dublin. This ultra modern Quantum control panel is capable of handling both wired and wirefree devices. It is also compatible with all forms of alarm monitoring, including built in wifi to connect to your house wifi. If you don't have a wifi then you can use a gsm module to receive messages from the system. Some installers are now bringing in cheaper control panels from Israel (Visonic, Risco) but none of these are of the quality of the Quantum. HKC have used a unique 2 way signalling system which means the battery life in the sensors is up to 10 years. HKC concentrate on high quality shock sensors for windows and doors and the shock sensors available with the hkc systems are far superior to those available with other systems.

Quantum has major advantages:

It is the most modern available with all the latest technology and won't go obsolete for a long time. 

In the long run repair and maintenance will be easy due to it's easy to understand menu system which allows the owner to carry out tests and battery replacement themselves.

By far the best quality and most effective sensors for windows and doors.

By far the longest battery life in wireless devices.

Vital Tip for future Repair and Maintenance!!

Keep in mind that all wirefree alarm systems have batteries in the sensors which need to be replaced after a number of years. Battery in main control panel needs to be changed every 5 years approx. while batteries in other wireless devices last up to 10 years. It is vital to find out the cost of any future maintenance calls for this from your installer. Gard are currently charging 80 euro for call out and full service of HKC Quantum we have installed plus cost price per battery or if you prefer you change batteries yourself. Also it is vital to get the engineers code from whoever installs your alarm!. This code is needed for all future repair and maintenance and many companies won't even tell you about it!!!!. If you don't have it you are stuck with them and they are free to rip you off in the future, or worse still they may go out of business and then you may need to replace the main control panel.