Wirefree Alarms Securewave

Wirefree Alarm Securewave

Wirefree Burglar Alarm System from only €500

Hybrid system including:

  • Hkc Securewave(2010) control panel and keypad.
  • Backup Battery
  • 10 Wired zones
  • 70 Wireless zones
  • External alarm bell with strobe light.
  • Windows and doors alarmed wirefree with shock sensors and contact, add €70 each.
  • Wirefree Motion sensors add €70 each.

Prices include VAT



Hkc Securewave system

What does hybrid system mean?
In some homes there are already wires going to some windows and doors so it is cheaper to install wired sensors instead of wireless ones. The panel has 10 zones on board to cater for these wired sensors. Other windows or doors may not have wires in place so these would require wireless sensors. The control panel is called a hybrid panel, i.e. capable of supporting wired and wireless devices.

Why Hkc Securewave Wirefree?
The HKC Securewave control panel and keypad was launched in March 2010 after extensive trials and is now the most modern and reliable control panel on the market. Hkc were already the biggest selling manufacturers of alarm control panels in Ireland last year, the favored brand for most installers and the new Securewave hybrid panel is now the top of the range wireless capable control panel in Ireland too. This latest Securewave panel is capable of both wired and wirefree compatibility. It is also compatible with all forms of alarm monitoring, including the latest dialler add on options. The many cheap imported wirefree alarms available will not have the reliability and long life of the Securewave. These imported wirefree systems will not be easily repaired or maintained, especially if your installer goes out of business, because few if any other installers are familiar with them.

Securewave has 2 obvious major advantages:

  • It is the most modern available with all the latest technology and won’t go obsolete for a long time.
  • In the long run repair and maintenance will be easy due to its wide usage by installers.

Vital Tip for future Repair and Maintenance!!
Keep in mind that all wirefree alarm systems have batteries in the sensors which need to be replaced every 2-3 years. It is vital to find out the cost of any future maintenance calls for this from your installer. Gard are currently charging 80 euro for call out and full service of Securewave plus 5 euro per battery. Also it is vital to get the engineers code from whoever installs your alarm!. This code is needed for all future repair and maintenance and many companies won’t even tell you about it!!!!. If you don’t have it you are stuck with them and they are free to rip you off in the future, or worse still they may go out of business and then you may need to replace the main control panel.

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