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Hkc Quantum Wireless Alarm Install

Our Hkc Quantum Control Panel requires wiring in for electricity. Usually this would mean connecting to a fuse board or electrical socket such as shown in the pictures here. Wires can be put in trunking or if possible hidden completely within the wall. The same can be done with wires which go to the external siren.

hiding wire in wall socket back lid back on power up

When installing sensors on windows and doors there are a number of different scenarios. Wireless shock sensor with contact is 75 euro per window. For each additional opening add 10 euro for wired magnetic contact or 25 euro for wired shock sensor with contact. For more info click here.

sensors ready terminals for wiring in more sensors extra opening covered job done   extra opening covered using trunking small window with 1 opening

Blinds will cover the trunking at top of window but if you prefer no trunking then you can get 2 wireless sensors for the 2 openings.

In the following image the wire is completely hidden by drilling a small hole in the wooden window frame and passing it through.

In the following image a GSM dialler is added to the panel.

 plug gsm onto panel