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We use only top quality products, all approved by the standards set by the Private Security Authority. All equipment is up to the appropriate grade and class as set out by them.

Our Hkc Securewave SW 1070 Control Panel and keypad is the latest edition in wireless alarm technology having being launched after  extensive testing in March 2010.  The system can do both wired and wireless and has 10 onboard wired zones and can take up to 70 wireless detectors, e.g. zone 1 front door, zone 2 front window, zone 3 patio door, zone 4 motion sensor, zone 5 upstairs front window etc. When an alarm occurs the system can inform the user when and on which zone it happened.

HKC Quantum Wireless Alarm

We use the HKC RF-CSW wireless shock detector with magnetic contact option situated on your windows and doors. Shock sensors trigger the alarm when vibration is applied by an intruder to a window or door where they are situated. Shocks and contacts available in brown or white.

Hkc Pirs are also available as backup to perimeter protection. These devices pick up the body heat of intruders and are used as a back up to the shock sensors on your windows and doors.

Wireless key-fob for setting/un-setting the alarm which can also be used as a panic button. It may be handy to have beside your bed if you forget to set the alarm at night!. See the keyfob specs here: HKC remote control Keyfob with panic button.

We supply and fit the Hkc external sabb. This siren has a white led light which flickers back and forth at all times.

HKC Quantum Wireless Alarm

For monitoring we use the gsm-wifi which works with a smartphone app but this has a subscription charge of 67 euro per annum.